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Did you know that Maddy’s Print Shop has been brick and mortar for more than 30 years? We’re here for you, and we’ll be here when you need us again. While many other printers have come and gone, we stay strong, like a rock.

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Maddy’s Print Shop was recently listed by South Florida Business Journal as one of the top 25 printers in Florida. Since 1983 we’ve been helping businesses with printing in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida. We offer traditional offset, digital and wide format printing, using the latest equipment, with a personal touch. We also do SEO, graphic design, direct mailing, and more.

Banners, signs, business cards, carbonless forms, letterhead, envelopes, graphic arts, manuals and booklets, event promotional materials, and more are offered on premises. We constantly update our services, so call to find out what’s new.

We do more than just printing Fort Lauderdale! We recently added SEO services to help local businesses make their websites more competitive. We offer graphic design services and embroidery too. Since we do SEO (search engine optimization) and direct mail programs, whatever your marketing needs, we can help you improve your relationship with your customers, draw more traffic to your site or business, or build a better public image.


Printing Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale’s Favorite Printer

Printing has been our bread and butter for decades, and printing Fort Lauderdale’s marketing materials will continue to be a major business for us, even in today’s digital world. But we have expanded in to cyberspace, offering SEO and other Web services, such as website design, digital graphics production (creating website-ready images), and more. Call to discuss the many ways we can help you build a better, more effective presence on the Internet, market your current site both on-line and off-line, draw traffic, using social media, or any of more than a dozen different on-line marketing services we offer. 954-749-0440


Featured Products

Products We Print

We print a wide variety of products, including what we print in house and what we print through our relationships with a variety of local and out-of-state suppliers, offering everything from giant 3D signs to embroidered clothing, bags, shoes, and products like custom printed candy, toys, and laser pointer pens. We can even make you some custom coins, logo watches, charms, jewelry, or plaques and trophies. Need a CD player with your company logo on it? Want bottled water with your company name and logo? We can make just about any promotional item you might want.


If you need a calendar printed, you’ve found the perfect printer. We make calendars in all shapes and sizes. We can do the layout for you quickly. You can work on it with us, or you can do the layout and just have us print it. We’re flexible and can print in short runs. (Want just five? – yes, we can do that for you.)

Custom NCR Forms

We’ve been making custom NCR forms and carbonless receipt booklets in-house for more than 30 years, and we plan to continue making them for the foreseeable future. Since one of the printers in our shop is a traditional offset printer, we can print on carbonless paper, so printing custom NCR forms and custom carbonless receipt books is a piece of cake here at Maddy’s Print Shop.

Custom Printed Envelopes

Using one of our digital printers or our traditional offset printer, we can produce custom printed envelopes for you in-house and quickly. If you’re looking for letterhead with envelopes, we are a perfect choice. We create packages with business cards, letterhead, and envelopes all the time. Call to find out how affordable it can be – 954-749-0440

Custom Printed Pens

We custom print pens of all shapes, sizes, and materials, offering special pens with multiple colors, shapes, functions (parts that move), and even lasers. Some of the pens we offer are made with 14 karat gold. Some are washable magic markers, and some are multi-function, such as

Custom Photo Books

Yes, we make photo books! We can produce soft or hard cover photo books and other types of books for you or your school, organization, company, group, etc. You design it, or we can have our professional book designer work with you to make your book the way you want it. We’ve done this before many times. We can even do short runs, if you need. Believe it or not, we have a new project that we are putting together right now, which involves short run custom printing, and photo books are one of the specialties. Learn more about it at

View our catalog of products to see more.