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Maddy’s Print Shop Company History

Steven Lopata

Steven Lopata

From Miami in 1978 to the Fort Lauderdale area in 1983, with one small very used press, to our current location, with several presses, both offset and digital, and the newest in direct-to-plate technology, we at Maddy‘s have always emphasized the personal touch. We are curious, almost to a fault, to learn your business and see how we can use our communication expertise to increase or streamline your business. We pride ourselves at being ready to roll up our sleeves and handle whatever tasks our customers throw at us, whether that be custom printing, graphic design, SEO (search engine optimisation), or all three.

Steven Lopata, our founder and CEO, started the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Eagles years ago, and he continues to dedicate himself in both his business and personal life to helping the local community.


Fort Lauderdale marketing - outside Chamber of Commerce meeting

Steven at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting with Commissioner Dale Holness and Pastor Benson


Fort Lauderdale Printers

As one of the few Fort Lauderdale printers who has been in the area since before the turn of the century, we have a unique view and a slightly different outlook. We might see things in a more long-term way than most of the other printers. It could be that we provide a more personal service experience. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that our history won’t be a burden on you, our clients.


Main | Awards | Charity Participation | Testimonials | Clients | Videos