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Charity Participation

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Helping Charities for Decades

Kiwanis Donation - printing for charities

Donation to At Risk Children Foundation as a participating member of Kiwanis

We have been participating in local charities for decades, not only by printing for charities, but by spending our time and money to benefit noble causes.

Below is a list of charities we have worked with and/or donated to in recent years.

  • Kiwanis
  • Team Towanda
  • Smiley’s Voice Foundation
  • Debbie’s Dream Foundation
  • The Links, Inc.

Printing For Charities

In an effort to make things more affordable for charities, we not only do printing for charities and donate our time and money, but we provide our assistance in business too, through advice and connecting charities with benefactors through promotion, networking, etc. We have been printing for charities for years and years, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Charity participation

Volunteers unload a truck full of concrete bricks at a construction site for At Risk Children in Haiti.

Volunteers unload a van in Haiti.

Volunteers unload a van in Haiti, in preparation for a new construction project.


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