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Custom Printed Book Websites Coming

Custom printed booksWe’re working on a system to offer custom printed books to our customers’ website visitors. This will provide the ability for our customers to have a feature in their own website, which will allow them to offer their members/customers/patrons customizable books. Imagine someone with a blog about their cute pet pig. They could offer custom printed books, which would include only the photos the purchaser wants in the book, rather than just a book made and printed one way. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s how it would work: The person visiting a website to order a book gets to pick from a selection of photos. Each photo goes into the book automatically. They can move the photo from one page to another, if they want it on a different page. The book is pre-designed, but customizable, so if the person buying wants a different photo on the cover or on page 4 they can pick from the library of photos to replace the cover and page 4 photos. They might want to move photos around or replace other photos too. This is all possible. They could even upload some of their own photos, if they like (and if the website has been set up with that option).

We have one client who runs a business that offers high-end tours. On the tours there is always a photographer. They can offer books to the people who were on the tour, but the people who order the books can pick from a selection of photos, some of which include them in the photo. The idea is to present a pre-made book with customizable photo sections and some other customization, such as the person’s name on the cover (i.e. Tour Of Belize . . . with Jane Smith), so every book has a different person’s name on the cover. These could be ordered by an even or tour director, as a follow-up for an event or tour, or it could be offered directly to the attendees, because they might like more than one copy of their book.

For a little league team or a school, the customizable books could be offered with a section for personal photos and/or a section where the person ordering can include 1, 2, 3, or more photos they pick from a library of “optional” photos. The name and jersey number on the cover could be customized, as could some of the text in the book or on the cover. For someone who was a member of the football team it would make sense to include more photos of the football team, but for someone in the band it would make sense to have more photos of the band in their yearbook.

These are just some of the possibilities. There could be opportunities for businesses to create customizable brochures for their branches across the country, restaurant chains to create menu booklets with custom content, etc.

If you have questions, or you think you’d like to add this sort of thing to your website, please let us know. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities for you, your company, or your organization. Call Fred or Steven at 954-749-0440 when you’re ready.