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Phones Work!

Didn’t seem like it would be so hard. Simple forwarding to cell phones and then a switch back. Our phone provider came out and installed, comcast set up the incoming lines….looked like we would escape unscathed. All on schedule. Then the problems came out. This wasn’t connected to that, this needed it’s own outlet, that was never on the system. Electrical and security systems decided that all though they looked good, they weren’t going to make it easy on us either. One by one, tradesmen were making their second and third trips back. They were all nice, all seemed able, but everything took a day or two longer than it should have. Our touch up painter used a different color to touch up. Some walls were never painted to begin with.

Still have a few stragglers to content with but all of our operational items are in place. Come and visit. We are going to have a series of open houses as soon as we are perfect but you can peek your head even before that.