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Direct Mailing

business people group working in customer and helpdesk officeNeed a direct mailing campaign? We can more than just the design and printing. We can handle the data too, saving you money, with a postcard mailing campaign, specifically targeted to people on your prospect or customer list. We can even create a mailing list with our own data sources. You can specify the demographics you want, including geographic location, income level, gender, age, etc. We have years of experience with direct mail marketing, and we can make your campaign the most successful ever!

Direct Mailing In Fort Lauderdale

We are a Fort Lauderdale company, serving the area for more than thirty years. We know what it’s like to focus on direct mailing, and while we understand that the Web has made your marketing efforts change, we know that direct marketing still works.

We have done direct mailings for the Broward County water department and the water departments of Miramar, North Miami Beach, Miami Beach, and Aventura. We can handle your direct mailings too.

When you’re ready, we’re here, and we offer more than just direct mailing, of course. We’re a multi-faceted print shop, offering on-line marketing services, such as websites and SEO, photo and picture optimization, direct e-mail, and more.

More About Direct Mailing

There is a lot to know, but you don’t have to learn it, if you don’t want to. We can take care of everything for your direct mailing campaign, from copy writing to prospect list generation. Want to learn more? Keep reading, and we’ll educate you.

Direct mailing has been around forever. As you may know, it was the most efficient method of generating new customers in the 20th century. Sears became a giant by becoming a leader in direct mailing, with their Sears Catalog becoming the most circulated catalog in history. (More than 400 million Sears catalogs were printed in 2007 alone, according to the Chicago Tribune .)

Direct mailings are most effective when repeated several times. According to Deanna Willsey of Target Marketing , “Companies that see the highest response rate from their direct mail campaigns are those that integrate it with other marketing efforts. Also, one single mailing does not make a campaign. Be prepared to send out a series of mailings to create a better response rate — consistency is key.”

There is a helpful and interesting article in Entrepreneur Magazine with tips for your direct mailing campaign.