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Video Production – YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are hot, and they are very important for your Web presence. Did you know that a video on YouTube can be used to improve your search engine results?

Better YouTube Videos For Better Results

YouTube Videos We make videos that work well with YouTube and other places on the Web. Because we know how to compress video to load fast and feed quickly from YouTube’s servers, the videos we make have an advantage over other videos. Ever notice how some videos just don’t seem to work, or they load really slowly? That’s not just a result of a slow server. That can often be the result of a video that was not published properly, so YouTube can’t deal with it well.

.avi .mov .wmv .mp4 Huh?

If you’re new to video and posting videos on YouTube, you may find all the options for publishing a video quite daunting. What file format should you use? What compression format? What frame rate? What bit rate? What about the audio? Just the massive number of acronyms in the digital video world seems ridiculous, let alone all the other stuff. When we deliver your video to you or publish it on YouTube for you, rest assured that it will work well with your website, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites. We guarantee it. We are Web video experts, experienced with publishing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other sites that host video.

Learn a little about video compression here:

We have been publishing videos to the Web for more than ten years now, and we’ve seen a lot of changes. We know not to use the cutting edge technologies, because they’re not supported by the vast majority of computers out there, but we also know not to use archaic, outdated methods or equipment.

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