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Magazines can be configured in a variety of ways, including size, number of colors (one color, two color, etc.), and number of pages.


Keep your message in their minds. Whether it be for your customer, patrons, employees, or anyone else, custom printed magazines are a perfect way to disseminate information about your company and products. Magazines can be used as promotional items, with coupons in them, offering something of value to customers or potential customers of your company. They can include anything else you desire, such as articles about products or services you offer, the industry you’re in, etc. They’re almost always on someone’s desk, table, or counter. That provides more opportunity for people to see your name, logo, phone number, or anything else you want on the cover. You can use a magazine as an opportunity to advertise as if you’re not the publisher. You can create an “industry” magazine and have first choice for advertising position . . . and the ads are free for you. To do this you’ll need someone to sell advertising in your magazine, and it might make sense to get a publisher to produce it for you, in exchange for the right to gain by having a sales and marketing firm sell the advertising space that you don’t occupy with your company and products and/or services.

Magazines are a great way to educate your employees about your company, products, or industry. If there’s something you want your employees to know, you can have an article published in your private company magazine. This is normally for medium to large companies, of course. It can make sense to create a company magazine for internal circulation if you have a company with just 100 employees.

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