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Table Throws

Table throw for 8′ tables, custom printed with your logo, slogan, or both – from one color to full color. We make fitted and draped.


These custom printed table throws are perfect for building a professional image at trade shows and other events. Make your booth at the show look the best it can be. Add a quality table throw to your display.

These table throws are a versatile size, but other sizes are available, which will fit shorter tables or standard card tables. Even sizes to fit high display tables are available. Colors available are black, white, blue, green, red, etc. Printing is in full color or, or they can be screen printed in quantity one, two, or three color (set-up fees apply for screen-printed table throws).

Custom printed table throws aren’t just for trade shows. If you have a display in your waiting room or lobby, they make a perfect addition to improve your professional image. Advertising is all about impression, and custom printed table throws are an added touch that can put you one step above your competition or just present a better image to your visitors, customers, or employees.

These table throws can be printed in two ways – digitally (full color), one or two at a time, or if you need a larger quantity we can screen print them for you even more economically.
Learn more about these table throws. Call us at 954-749-0440.