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YouTube Video Production In Fort Lauderdale

Video Production We do YouTube video production in Fort Lauderdale for local business and individuals interested in promoting themselves (models, actors, trainers, etc.). The way we make YouTube videos and embed them into your site helps improve your site’s SEO, resulting in better search engine ranking of your website. Traffic from your YouTube video helps improve your website traffic too.

YouTube Videos At Fair Prices

Our prices are very affordable, because video production is an extra service we offer, and not our core business. Regular video production is not something that we spend money to advertise, and we don’t have lots of overhead to pay for, with regard to our video production services. We own our equipment. We don’t rent it. This translates to a lower cost for you. Our video experts are not only good at what they do, but they’re fast too. This helps us save you money too.

Professional YouTube Video Production In Fort Lauderdale

To help our clients build their brand or develop a presence on the Web, we make professional quality videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other Web sites (such as your own main website page or a video gallery on your site). We can host the videos and embed them into your site if you need us to do that. If you want us to script your video, we can do that too. Our creative staff has a knack for creating good copy, and that translates into quality script material. If you’d prefer to just fly by the seat of your pants, we’re easy and will accommodate you. We know that getting into writing scripts is time consuming, and while it normally will improve the final result, it can slow down the process and make it more difficult to get your video project rolling. If you need a video fast, we can make it happen for you.

We shoot in full-HD at 60p, with high-quality Sony cameras, and we use studio lighting where necessary. We edit on Mac machines with Apple software, so you can rest assured the production quality of your final video will be good. Sound tracks are important, and we know that, so there’s no need to worry about how the audio in your video will sound. We’ll be sure to make it good.

Call for more information or to get started right away: 954-749-0440

Learn more about our video production services on our Video Production page.

Check out this 3 minute video we made for one of our print clients, who recently started a small company to make high quality, motorized fertilizer spreaders:

This inexpensive video has brought people to the website from YouTube, and more machines have sold because of this video being on the website and in YouTube, making the video a very worthwhile investment.

Let us make a promo video for you, your product, or your company, and improve your image, sell more product, and achieve the success you seek for yourself or your company.